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Is My Baby Too Old For A Newborn Photoshoot? (Spoiler alert - No They Are Not!)

This year has been a crazy one. All of the restrictions have made us totally alter the way we live, the way we go about everyday tasks, and also the decisions we make on a day to day basis. As well as all this, so many people have had plans and events cancelled, or been unable to book them at all over the past 14 months. Obviously the big one that stands out to me is capturing your family in professional photoshoots. So many babies were born through the various lockdowns, and parents may have naturally thought they've missed the window for a newborn photoshoot.

Well, I'm here to tell you that whilst, yes, its true that babies are ideally captured during their very early newborn days (6-12 days seems to typically be the most ideal age) there is nothing stopping you booking in to capture your older baby in their very first photography session.

Archie missed out on his newborn photos due to lockdown 1.0 but he brought his smiles along when I reopened!

As a photographer I love capturing babies at all ages. During the first two weeks of a babies life, they are fresh from the womb where they are curled and snuggled up tight, and therefore they are much easier to tuck up into the tight little poses you see in typical newborn photos. After a few weeks earthside most babies tend to start to uncurl and may begin to prefer to have their legs stretched out rather than tucked up (especially since wind can be much mo

re of an issue at this age). The plus sides to taking photos of an older baby? I'll drop a few below

* They give more focussed eye contact

* They may have begun to smile!

* Though they may fuss more to begin, they tend to eventually settle into a deeper sleep.

So yes, an older newborn baby photoshoot will tend to give much different results as opposed to a 1-2 week old newborn session. But I can assure you as your photographer that my aim is that you love them 100% as much as you would have done has you been able to have a typical posed session in those early weeks.

The baby girl in the image above was 3 months old on the day of her photoshoot.

What's that you say? Your baby was born in one of the earlier lockdowns and is quickly growing, sitting, crawling, walking?? Again, bring them for a photoshoot! Don't miss out on capturing even more memories.

When babies start to sit they are at a beautiful age for a portrait session. I have a particular category for 'little sitters' on my website, where lots of example images can be viewed

The expressions that light up these little children's faces make for amazing photos to display proudly on your wall for years to come. I try to keep these session set ups simple to ensure for beautiful, timeless images.

Sitting babies have some lovely expressions!

Then as your baby approaches their first birthday, birthday portrait sessions or a cake smash could be the photoshoot for you! Information on cake smashes can also be found on my website, and in this previous blog here -->

So the bottom line is, whether you've missed out because of COVID, or for any other reason (maybe you just didn't think you wanted a newborn photoshoot and have now changed your mind) I am here to offer my service as a photographer and to provide you with beautiful images to last you a lifetime.

I hope to see you soon!

About me

I'm a full time, award winning baby, children and family photographer based in Grimsby in Lincolnshire. A hobbiest photographer for as long as I remember, I have now ran my own photography business in Grimsby for more than 5 years. I am fully trained in newborn safety, and I hold full insurance to carry out my work. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority and my main goal within my work is to provide you with lasting memories by the way of beautiful photographs. I have a fully equipped photography studio in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and would love to meet you. Hopefully we will speak soon, Debra

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