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What happens at a Cake Smash? Cake Smash Photographer, Grimsby

First birthdays are always a special milestone. If you choose to celebrate with a cake smash then I can help create some beautiful photographic memories for you.

Cake smash photo sessions are a bit like marmite I find, some people love them, some not so much. I personally love them. How can I not love cute smiles, squishy babies, a beautiful photo set and cake all rolled into one! But if you would prefer something a little different, fruit perhaps? Or just a standard portrait sessions with some birthday nods thrown in (balloons, banners, 1 letters) that of course we can do that instead.

For a cake smash, we start the session with mummy/daddy snuggles whilst I make sure everything is good to go, lighting, camera set up and so on, and whilst little one gets familiar with the new surroundings. I will have set the scene before you arrive at the studio so you can see it as soon as you arrive. If you want to bring your little one in a special birthday outfit to be photographed in before the cake then we can do that no problem. If not then I will ask you to change them into one of my hand made cake smash outfits ready for the cakey action.

I'll grab a few shots of them in the set without the cake, sometimes Mum or Dad may need to sing or peekaboo behind me so baby knows you are still there and that its all fun!

Once the cake goes down we let them dig in! Other than the odd bout of (terrible) nursery rhyme singing to grab their attention I will generally just let them explore the cake as they please, and click away. Some dig straight in, some are a little more reserved, and some may need a little encouragement to have a taste.

After they have had a good play, and they've eaten enough, I clear the cake away whilst Mum or Dad strip little one down for tub time. A little warm water and a few bubbles and in goes baby. (Note: this part is optional)

This is usually the favourite part of the session!

After baby is all clean and splashed out, you can dry them off and that is the end of the session.

I have a full camera and baby has a full tummy!

If you would like to book a cake smash session please email

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