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Teddy's Cake Smash

When mum booked in for Teddy's cake smash I will admit I was excited. I love these sessions, as do the kiddies. Having a cake that is all yours, eating as much as you want and making a mess. Whats not to love hey? Especially for a soon to be one year old!

I arrived at Teddy's home and started setting up whilst Daddy got Teddy dressed in his little pants, braces and bow tie set.

Mum had asked for blue so we went with a grey, blue and navy set up. I like to make all of my cake smash session different to the last so each one is unique.

Cake Smash Session Photo

Although initially weary of the cake, as most are to start with, Teddy soon got stuck in! Yummy sticky spongy cake being munched on by the handful! Although during a cake smash session the children don't actually eat a lot (this is great news for parents as the left over cake gets left with you to have with a brew once all the excitement is over ;-) )

Cake Smash

After he had had enough of the cake (yeah I also didn't know it was possible to have enough cake but, hey, you live and learn) mum filled up my little tin bath tun (laundry tub) with a little warm water and bubble bath and Teddy had himself a little splash around. I must say that other than the initial excitement of having a full cake to themselves, bath time at the end is normally the favourite part of the session for the little ones. I had so much fun photographing this session, seeing the fun that children can have with a slab of cake and a wooden spoon will never get old.

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