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Photographers Perspective - The Versatility of a Location

When taking enquiries for photo shoots from people I always ask if they have a location in mind.. and a number of times people have said along the lines of 'Oh I loved those pictures in the woods but I think I should choose somewhere different'. Why? I think it may be that some people think they would be seen as unoriginal if they used the same location.

This blog post is to show you that regardless of the location, your shoot is YOUR shoot. The photos that come from it will show your style, your personality, your beauty.

For example, here is an image that came from a beach shoot in the summer of last year:

Bastian was cheeky little chap who loved to run around, and definitely wasn't shy of the camera! Then here is an example of two siblings, taken only 1 week later at the same location:

As you can see this photo has a completely different feel to the last, due to the different lighting and slightly different time of day, then finally there is this one:

Once again, taken around the same time of year, but with a different spin on the style.

So if you are thinking of booking a photo shoot and would like to base it at a location you've seen me photograph, then please do! We will have a chat about what sort of results you expect from the shoot and if you have any specific requests to work with. The results will be equally as beautiful as the photos you've viewed, but also completely unique to YOU!

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