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Halloween During A Pandemic..

I've been thinking for a few weeks now how to make Halloween stand out this year. We normally have parties to attend, local activities to take the children to, trick or treating to look forward to. I'd even been planning a little party day with photo opportunities in my Studio. But, alas, Covid says different, as with most things this year.

So, how can we still make this day a fun occasion for our children, who no doubt are still looking forward to it?

Here's a few ideas I've come across over the last month or so..

  • Alternative 'Trick or Treating'

  • Pumpkin Trail

  • Halloween Tea Party

  • Home Style Halloween Disco

  • Good Old Spooky Movie Night (with treats of course)

  • Back Garden Ghost (& Treat) Hunt

  • Spooky Stories Around the Camp Fire

  • Virtual Halloween Party

Scroll down for helpful hints and ideas for each one

Alternative Trick Or Treating

Great news. You can still go trick or treating! If you live close to your family and friends you can walk by their houses and phone them to ask them to pop out instead of knocking! Genius right? The kids stand 2m back from the door and they still shout 'Trick or Treat' when the door is opened. Then instead of them handing out sweets and treats, you can pop them into their buckets for them! Yeah I know it means lugging around a big bag of sweets but it will give the most genuine feel to the evening with regards to traditional trick or treating.

If you don't live within walking distance this can also of course be done by driving around to a few houses.

Pumpkin Trail

Another great idea I've heard being suggested is to get dressed up in your goulish best, and walk the streets in search of pumpkins. Every house spotted with a pumpkin lit up equals one treat in the pot!

If you live in an area where lots of houses go all out you could change it to every house with a witch/skeleton/spider in view, to make it a bit trickier.

This is a great option if you don't live close to friends and family and want to avoid car journeys.

Halloween Tea Party

Do you love Halloween as much as the kids? If so why don't you go all out decorating your own home as spooky as you can and have a themed tea party for just you and the kids? Country Living have a great article on DIY Decorations here, and there are some great ideas for creating Halloween themed snacks and foods out there, most of which the kids can help with preparing. Good Housekeeping have put together a great selection of recipes here.

Scaretastic Home Disco

As with the above idea, why not decorate your home and make it into a perfect spooky party venue? Decorate your living or dining room, and make a bit of space so you can have a boogy - cue Triller moves. Make or buy scary themed snacks and drinks, (I've found a great list on BBC Good Food here for drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic)

Grab a disco ball if you have one and find your perfect Halloween playlist for the evening to get your groove on - Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube all have some great pre made playlists ready to go!

Spooky Movie Night

This one can either be your chosen activity, or it can used to finish of a fun night of trick or treating or whatever fun activities you've done to fill your day.

Grab a massive bowl of popcorn, your big bucket of sweets, and dim the lights, ready to snuggle up to your favourite spooky movie. Hocus Pocus (classic, obvs) is on NowTV this year, and if you are a new member you can bag yourself a 7 day free trial.

Back Garden Ghost and Treat Hunt

If you're lucky enough to have a big enough garden you can create your own ghost hunt. Set the scene by putting some spooky sounds on your phone or a smart device if you have one and it will reach outdoors. Hang some DIY bats from the trees on string - here's a great tutorial. Hang some 'ghosts', again, I've found some great options here, from easy to 'wow, you're dedicated'. And if you really want to go all out, here's a tutorial to make your own gravestones! You can also include some fake cobwebs just to give more effect.

Torches, and electric tea lights in pumpkins and planters placed around the garden can give some great spooky lighting effects.

Hide some treats around the place and let the kids explore... if they dare (cue creepy laugh)

Spooky Stories Around the Campfire

Probably for the slightly older children, but staying on the garden idea, you can create a creepy campfire night. Stick the fire on, toast some marshmallows and unleash your most bone chilling ghost stories. And yep, I've even found you a link to some of the best campfire stories if you, like me, don't have that amazing ability to make them up on the spot.

*** Please take care around the campfire and please remember lots of Halloween costumes, both shop bought and DIY are highly flammable and should never be close to any open flame***

Virtual Halloween Party

But, if you are going to miss the company of other just to much to be satisfied with any of the above, then lets carry on the trend on 2020 and party VIRTUALLY. Set up a Zoom meeting, don the facepaint and party the night away in Covid Style!

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, I hope you all have a wonderful day and night, and hopefully next year we will be back to relative normal and Halloween can resume as normal..

Party Safely, guys and ghouls!

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