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Cake Smashes All Round! Mini Bee Turns 1 - Grimsby Cake Smash Photography

This week our smallest little one turned one!

First Birthday Cake Smash Photographer Grimsby

It was just before the birth of 'Bumble', as she has been named since before she was born by a few friends, that I decided to take the leap and pursue my dream of running a photography business. With the costs of childcare ever increasing, already having a child at school and a toddler to care for it just would not have made financial sense for me to find employment in admin, an area I had worked in for some years. Working my own hours around our children made sense in so many ways, and also enabled me to do something I love instead of sitting at a workplace counting down the hours until I could go home.

So a year on and here I am. running my own little business and having the pleasure of doing Bumbles little first birthday celebration photo shoot myself, having used other local photographers for my other children.

I wasn't quite sure how she would take to the cake setup. To be fair she has been my own personal model for the past year so she is used to being the subject of my many practise shoots and she does love it! As soon as she sees me lift the camera she has her cheese face at the ready!

I had an outfit made by a local Work At Home Mum, Little Magpie (find her on facebook ;) ), and little Bee looked absolutely adorable in it, though in fairness I may have had my mummy goggles on. Having not really tried cake before not much went in her mouth but the little mucky pup wasn't shy in thrusting in her hands and squishing the icing around! The wooden spoon is always handy at cake smashes as a prop as even if they don't want to get dirty, not many children can resist prodding and poking at a squidgy bright cake, and of course having a little lick of the icing from it!

I jumped around singing happy birthday and generally looking ridiculous, (this gets the best smiles ;) ) and we were soon finished with a memory card full of wonderful images. A quick splash in my tin tub to rinse off and we were done. And an added bonus of the client being my child? I got to pack up the left over cake and have a slice with a brew later in the day.. Yum!

You can book your cake smash photo shoot by emailing

And additional information about cake smash photo sessions can be found here

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