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Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is an amazing time for a woman, carrying a child inside of you is a wonderful thing. Enlisting the help of a maternity photographer to photograph you can ensure you have some wonderful photographic memories of this stage of your life for you to treasure forever. Then when baby is old enough, they can also look back on the photographs, and see how amazing mum looked when carrying them.

Newborn Photography

Once baby is born, a newborn photo session may be high on your list of 'things to do', and rightly so.

Babies really don't stay tiny for long enough! Newborn photography is best booked for when baby is 5-12 days old. This is generally when baby is still very sleepy, and also still curled up from the womb, so can be positioned in different ways to get the best from your session.

Mum and dad can join in, and also siblings on request.

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