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What happens at a Cake Smash? Cake Smash Photographer, Grimsby

First birthdays are always a special milestone. If you choose to celebrate with a cake smash then I can help create some beautiful photographic memories for you. Cake smash photo sessions are a bit like marmite I find, some people love them, some not so much. I personally love them. How can I not love cute smiles, squishy babies, a beautiful photo set and cake all rolled into one! But if you would prefer something a little different, fruit perhaps? Or just a standard portrait sessions with some birthday nods thrown in (balloons, banners, 1 letters) that of course we can do that instead. For a cake smash, we start the session with mummy/daddy snuggles whilst I make sure everything is good to

In the Studio with Baby Isla

As a mummy of 3 babies, the youngest having just turned 2, my days of having regular newborn snuggles have passed. So when Isla came for her very first photo shoot and loved nothing more than being held it was lovely. Though, regardless of how many newborns I photograph, they always seem tiny after me carrying and changing my toddler every day! Isla was such a little star at her session. It took a little while for her to settle into sleep but once she was wrapped she quickly drifted off into the land of nod (that what my Mum used to say to me) It often takes a while upon arrival for babies to settle down. After all, they are brought into new surroundings, with new sights and smells, and stri