The Importance of Family Photographs

If you read only one of my blog posts, please make it this one. How many photos do you have of you with your children? Or you with your parents? Or your children with their Grandparents? Aunties? Uncles? Cousins? I for one know that my phone camera is full of photos of the children. Together sometimes but mostly photos of them on their own, messy after eating a particularly tomatoey bolognese or melting ice cream, climbing or hiding in places they shouldn't be, happy that they are playing with what must be the worlds greatest toy, or even mid tantrum (you know, so you can send it to Daddy whilst he is at work to show him what hes missing) . But barely any of them with other important family

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Whilst I've been a bit out of the blogging scene for the past few months I've been busy training and photographing some beautiful newborn babies. At the end of March I attended a training day with Maggie from Dinky Feet Photography to train in newborn photography. I learned so much and its already impacting on my work, as I hope shows through in the images. I now get to use these skills in upcoming newborn photo sessions and will produce images even more beautiful to show off your precious bundles. Images from my training. Poses and lighting set up by Maggie, photos taken and edited by me (Scrollable Gallery) Shortly after my training I asked for a model to put my newly learned skills into p

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